Terms of Service

This Flipped Technology License and Services Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement" and defined below) is concluded by You and the provider of Flipped Technology game service.  This agreement has contractual effect. In order to protect your legal rights, please carefully read and fully understand the content of each term, in particular terms concerning the exemption or limitation of liability, and the separate agreement for open or use a single service, before You agree and accept all terms of this agreement. Please pay attention to the Limitation and exemption terms which may be written in bold to highlight.

Upon any modification of this agreement, the modified content will be posted on the website homepage of the Flipped Technology. Modified service terms shall be effective and shall replace the original service terms at the moment of posting on the website homepage, without individual notification to users. If You do not agree to the modification of service terms, You should immediately stop using and cancel any related services. If you do not stop using the service or cancel the related services, your login or browsing use of the related service shall be regarded as your understanding and acceptance to the relevant modified terms. The developer and the user agree, understand and follow the below terms, which are applicable not only to Flipped Technology service, but also to the developer's other relevant services for similar or related situation.  It is binding for all services and the use of any relevant or related services.


Unless specially prescribed otherwise, the following terms used in this agreement shall be defined as follows:

1.1. Agreement shall mean the text of this agreement, any game rules, and/or any modified versions of this agreement or game rules, such modifications deemed an integral part of this agreement upon their official release.  In the event this agreement is inconsistent with any law, regulation, and/or policy of the country/area where the game is released, the provisions of such law, regulation, and/or policy shall prevail and deemed a part of this agreement. 

1.2. Game Rules shall mean user codes, player regulations, game announcements, notices, etc. related to Flipped Technology which are published and revised by a Provider of Flipped Technology Service.

1.3. Flipped Technology Game shall mean any game operated by Flipped Technology, including, but not limited to PC games, web games, mobile games, etc. A Flipped Technology Game provided in the form of software also includes relevant software and related documentation.

1.4. Flipped Technology Game Service shall mean any online game-related operation service which is provided by Flipped Technology to you.

1.5. Flipped Technology Game Elements shall include the text, image, audio, video, icon, interface design, layout framework, related data and/or electronic documentation, etc.

1.6. You: (also known as "player" or "user") shall refer to the natural person who is authorized to use the Flipped Technology products and services.

1.7. Game Data shall mean all data which are generated during your playing of Flipped Technology games and recorded by the server, including, but not limited to, game logs, security logs, and similar data.

1.8. Virtual Items shall include, but is not limited to, the virtual currency, props, equipment, materials and/or similar items contained in any Flipped Technology Game.

1.9. User Information shall include the data under your game account, and any other information collected based on security considerations, user experience/optimization, and/or other factors in the use of a Flipped Technology Game Service.

Statement on Intellectual Property Rights

2.1 Flipped Technology shall be deemed the owner of any Flipped Technology Game and any Flipped Technology Game Elements as well as the owner of any and all intellectual property rights related to any Flipped Technology Game and any Happy Element Game Elements, except for the rights that are owned by a third party in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, or other agreements.

2.2 All property and intellectual property rights in Game Data created in connection with the use of any Flipped Technology Game Service shall be deemed to belong to Flipped Technology.  Flipped Technology has the exclusive right to dispose of any Game Data.

2.3 This Agreement shall not be deemed as licensing or transferring to You any rights and/or interests related to any Flipped Technology Game and/or Flipped Technology Game Elements.

2.4 If any intellectual property right contained in a Flipped Technology Game or in Flipped Technology Game Elements is owned by a third party, You shall use such intellectual property rights in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.  In the event, any third party were to bring an intellectual property infringement action against You due to your breach of this Agreement or for any other reasons unrelated to this Agreement, You shall bear responsibility for any such claim and shall compensate for any losses inflicted on Flipped Technology. 

The collection, usage and protection of User Information; Privacy Policy

4.1 You agree and authorize Flipped Technology for the purpose of performance of this agreement to collect and use your User Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Flipped Technology agrees to collect and use your User Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy, this agreement and applicable laws and regulations.

4.2 If You disclose your property accounts, bank cards, credit cards, corresponding passwords and other important materials or information to any third party (i.e. anyone other than Flipped Technology) when using Flipped Technology Game Service, You shall bear any resulting losses.

Flipped Technology Game Service

5.1 You may only use the Flipped Technology game service for non-commercial purposes and in accordance with this Agreement, for the following activities, including:

(1) Receiving, downloading, installing, starting, upgrading, displaying, operating and/or taking screenshots of a Flipped Technology game;

(2) Referring to the rules of a game, creating user profiles and reviewing game results, setting up game parameters, using and presenting virtual items of a game in an appropriate manner.

(3) To use one or several functions supported and allowed by a Flipped Technology game.

Any unauthorized installing, use, access, display, running and/or transfer shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement.

5.2 You shall not record and circulate game content to others in any way without permission from Flipped Technology when using Flipped Technology Game Service, including the use of any third-party software for network transmission, etc.

5.3 When a Flipped Technology service is provided in the form of software, You shall also comply with the provisions of this Agreement about software downloading and installing when using a Flipped Technology Game and/or its service.

5.4 If Flipped Technology determines or receives a report or a complaint from others about your activities or content which violate  this Agreement, Flipped Technology shall have the right to delete the related contents at any time without notice, and to sanction or penalize the game account or game account user, according to the situation of the violation and the degree of its seriousness, including, but not limited to, issuing a warning, restriction or ban of all or part of a game account’s functions, ban use of a game account, and/or logout the user from the game account, and publicly announce the results to others, including other game account users.

5.5 You agree that Flipped Technology shall have the right to sanction and penalize for activity or behavior that in the reasonable judgment of Flipped Technology violates relevant laws and regulations or the provisions of this Agreement and to take any appropriate action against any user for any such violations.  Flipped Technology shall have the right to keep relevant information and report to the relevant departments according to applicable laws and regulations, etc.  The user shall bear sole legal responsibility for any activities or behavior causing such violation.

5.6  You fully understand and agree that You shall solely bear responsibility for any damage caused or incurred by any claims, demands or losses asserted by a third party due to your violation of the provisions of this Agreement or the terms of relevant service.  If Flipped Technology suffers any loss, You shall also compensate Flipped Technology for such loss.

5.7 You fully understand and agree that virtual goods are part of the Flipped Technology Game Service.  Pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, Flipped Technology permits You to obtain the rights to use these Virtual Items.  If You buy or use Virtual Items, You shall follow this Agreement and the specific requirements of the games.  At the same time, Virtual Items may be restricted by a certain validity and if You have not used them within the prescribed period of validity, the Virtual Items will be null and void automatically once the valid period expires, except for force majeure or for reasons attributable to Flipped Technology.

5.8 You fully understand and agree that to create a fair and healthy game environment; Flipped Technology shall have the right to know the random storage memory and the procedures that are running along with Flipped Technology Game at the same time of your terminal equipment through technical means in the use of the Flipped Technology Game Service.  In the event that any unauthorized and/or harmful procedures that influence the normal operation of Flipped Technology Game Service are found, Flipped Technology will collect all related information and take reasonable measures to address and restore the Flipped Technology Game Service.

5.10 You fully understand and agree that in order to ensure You and other users' game speed, Flipped Technology has the right to regularly transfer or remove prior game data stored on the Flipped Technology game server.

5.11 You fully understand and agree that the game service You are using involves Internet services and therefore the game service may be affected by unstable factors in every link of the Internet.  As a consequence, this game service is under the risk of force majeure, the attacks of a virus or a hacker, an unstable system, the location of the user, the user being shutdown, as well as other reasons such as technology, the Internet, and communication lines that may cause a service interruption or fail to meet users' requirements.

As for this matter, within the maximum extent permitted by law, Flipped Technology is not able to guarantee the provision of game services which will be able to meet your requirements, and we do not guarantee to provide a game service that will not be interrupted.  Furthermore, we are not able to and thereby do not guarantee the timeliness, security, error occurrence and/or whether information/data can be transferred accurately, timely, and/or smoothly for this game service.

5.12 You fully understand and agree that in the use of the Flipped Technology Game Service, if there is any threatening, defamatory, offensive and/or illegal content or behavior from others or anonymous or pseudonymous information risk of invasions on the rights of others (including intellectual property rights), You undertake to assume the above risks.  Flipped Technology will not make any kind of guarantee as to the game service, either explicit or implicit, as to the authenticity, commerciality, or suitability for a particular purpose, proprietorship and/or non-infringement of any information. Flipped Technology shall not undertake any responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental, special, and/or subsequent damages caused by your improper or illegal use of the game service.

5.13 You shall fully understand and pay attention to the following:

(1). Flipped Technology may periodically update applications by releasing software update packages and patches, upgrading online, etc.  In the process of updating, Flipped Technology may retrieve and collect your personal information – for example, about client software version information, data, and other relevant information about your game, and automatically replace, modify, delete, and / or supplement such information.  If You do not agree with Flipped Technology for this operation, then you should stop using the Flipped Technology service; your use of a Flipped Technology' product is deemed that You agree to any updates to applications by Flipped Technology.

(2). For games, some updates may be updates of the software version.  If You do not update, You will not be able to login to the application.  Further, this updating operation will completely replace the old version on your terminal device with the new version of the application.

(3). There exists risk when You try to obtain virtual properties including game currencies, props and equipment from a third party.  You are prohibited to obtain the above virtual properties from a third party.  If You insist to do so, You shall bear the corresponding risk, and Flipped Technology has the right to directly retrieve or delete these virtual properties or take other measures.

(4). Users’ violations of this Agreement may prevent You to continue using your current game account, for example, if the terminable virtual properties under your game account expire during the above operation term of Flipped Technology.  Under this circumstance, You shall bear any loss caused thereby on your own.  In other words, during the duration of the above operations by Flipped Technology use of virtual properties will be counted in the use duration of terminable virtual properties. After measures are taken, the use duration of terminable virtual properties will not be extended.

5.14 Flipped Technology may, through its official website, customer service hot line, game administrator, or in other ways, provide customer services such as the rules of the game, BUG or plug-in reports, game item retrieval, item lock or unlock, and account complaints to You.  You shall:

(1) Be informed of the contents, requirements and costs of customer services through Flipped Technology official website or other channels provided by Flipped Technology.  Please carefully decide whether to accept the relevant customer services, and accurately express your requests to the Flipped Technology service staff.

(2) Understand and accept the special agreements or terms of Flipped Technology on the customer service provided.

(3) Provide real personal information and game status to Flipped Technology according to requirements, including valid identification, situation of other users or online game You are using.  Such would include, but would not be limited to:  a) Your game account and personal data under it; b) online game login status and game item status; c) BUG, plug-in and other users who are using plug-ins in the game application.

5.15 In the event of any the following circumstances, Flipped Technology has the right to stop or interrupt the service provided by the game server, and Flipped Technology shall not be liable to a user or a third party because of inconvenience or damage incurred thereby:

(1) Regular inspection or construction, updating of software and hardware, etc.  Flipped Technology has the right to stop service, but will finish the work of updating and maintenance as soon as possible.

(2) Damage to a server that prevents normal working conditions;

(3) Sudden failures of software and hardware equipment and/or electronic communication equipment;

(4) Network provider line fault or other troubles;

(5) In emergency conditions, to protect national security or the safety of other users/third party;

(6) Force majeure and/or reasons caused in part or whole by a third party.

User Code of Conduct

6.1 You fully understand and agree that You must be responsible for all conduct under your own game account, including any contents made by You and any consequences for activities attributable to your account You shall separately make a judgment on the contents of a Flipped Technology Game and undertake all risks incurred due to the use of Flipped Technology service, including risks incurred due to the dependence on correctness, completeness or practicability of Flipped Technology content.  Flipped Technology cannot and will not bear any responsibility for any losses or damages incurred due to the above risks.

6.2 In addition to the use of Flipped Technology Game Service in accordance with this Agreement, You shall not engage in any infringement of intellectual property rights related to any Flipped Technology Game or Flipped Technology Game Elements, or to any other conducts that may be detrimental to the legitimate rights and interests of Flipped Technology or other third parties.

6.3 Except as permitted by applicable laws or approved by Flipped Technology in writing, in the process of using the Flipped Technology Game Service, You shall not engage in the following conduct, including, but not limited to:

(1)  Delete the copyrighted information in the game or in its copy;

(2) Reverse engineer, reverse project, reverse assembly, decompile or undertake other ways to determine the software’s source code, etc.;

(3) Scan the game software, inspected it or test it to detect, find and/or search for possible BUGs or weaknesses;

(4) In the process of game software or software operation, and without legal authorization, copy, modify, add, delete, hitch operations or create any derivative works for data in any terminal, or interactive data between client side and server side in the process of software operation, and necessary system data in the software operation (the form includes, but is not limited to, the use of plugins, plug-in or third-party tool/service access software and relevant system);

(5) Modify or forge instructions and/or data in the software operation; Add, delete or change the software function or operation effect or the software and method used in the above purpose will be operated or spread to the public, no matter whether the above conducts belong to the commercial purpose;

(6) Flipped Technology and Flipped Technology Game Service are used through third-party software, plugins, plug-in, system not developed and authorized by Flipped Technology, or the third-party software, plugins, plug-in and system not developed and authorized by Flipped Technology are produced, released and spread.

(7) Using, leasing, lending, copying, modifying, linking, reprinting, assembling, releasing, publicizing, creating a mirror image website creation are implemented in the contents of intellectual property right owned by Flipped Technology, relevant mirror image website of Flipped Technology is established or web (network) snapshot is implemented, or starting a server and other ways are used to provide the exact same or similar services as Flipped Technology for others.

(8) Any part of Flipped Technology will be separated for the independent use or other uses which do not conform to this Agreement;

(9)  Any part of Flipped Technology will be separated for the independent use or other uses which do not conform to this Agreement;

(10) Name, trademark or other intellectual property rights of Flipped Technology are used;

(11) Other conducts without the authorization of Flipped Technology.

6.4  If You implement any following conduct in the process of using Flipped Technology Game Service, Flipped Technology will depend on severe circumstances to take corresponding measures, such as temporary or permanent banned logging, deletion of game account and game data, deletion of relevant information in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and relevant game rules, in case of severe circumstances, You will be handed over to the relevant administrative authorities for administrative penalty, or be prosecuted for your criminal liability:

(1) Make use of the game and the service to release, transmit, spread, store the contents including insult, libel, eroticism, violence, any content causing others uneasy or violating social morality and national laws, regulations and policies.

(2) Make use of the game and the service to release, transmit, spread, and store the contents that endanger others' intellectual property right, business confidentiality, portraiture right, privacy right and other legal rights.

(3) Implement any conducts that endanger the network security, including but not limited to: use the unauthorized data or access the server/account without permission; Access the public computer network or others' terminal system without permission, and cancel, revise or increase the storage information; try to search, scan and test this "software" system or network disadvantages without permission or make other behaviors which will damage the network safety; try to intervene and damage the normal operation of this "software" system or website, propagate malicious programs or virus on purpose, and make other behaviors which will damage and intervene the normal network information service; fake name and partial name of data packet.

(4) Engage in any conducts that damage Flipped Technology service's fairness or affect the normal order of the game, such as proactive or passive score cheating, partnership cheating, the use of plug-in or other cheating software, making use of BUG (also called as "Loophole" or "Defect") to obtain improper illegal interests, or making use of the Internet or other ways to expose plug-in, cheating software and BUG.

(5) Make use of Flipped Technology to engage in any commercial activities, such as advertising and selling goods, or engage in any illegal conducts in violation of interests of Flipped Technology, such as selling game account, selling the game virtual items or information, illegal recharging, hiring others to provide the service inside the game and pay remuneration outside the game, including “Game Recharging” and “Game Leveling” for profit, “Virtual Voucher” transaction or provide intermediary service and advertising, etc. for profit, etc. Once found, Flipped Technology shall have the right to terminate this user account and shall have the right to voluntarily determine the termination deadline in accordance with influence degree caused by you, and Flipped Technology shall have the right to recycle and delete all of your abnormal data.

(7) All kinds of illegal plug-in behaviors;

(8) Theft of others’ game account and game items;

(9) Privately engage in a game account transaction and other transactions, such as game props, game equipment and game currency, etc.;

Make use of the possible technical defects or loopholes in the online games to make profits for him/her and others by all kinds of ways.

(10) Make use of all kinds of charges provided in the use of Flipped Technology or all or part of data information produced and stored in the process of free game to make profits for him/her and others by all kinks of ways.

(11) Promote the plug-in, private server, game leveling, coin cheating, trojan and other contents or expose the negative publicity on the Flipped Technology.

(12) Make use of products and services provided by the Flipped Technology to make profit in the reality and other misconducts widely recognized in the industry without the permission, no matter whether to be clearly listed in this Agreement.

6.5 Except for otherwise provided in this Agreement, without permission of Flipped Technology, You shall not engage in any of the following conducts: if You are going to engage in any of the following conducts, please contact Flipped Technology for the approval, and sign the electronic or paper written contract in accordance with the requirements of Flipped Technology:

(1) Modify, copy, release, rent, publish, translate, assemble, adapt, and/or reprint a game or any of its derivatives, or use the Internet or other ways to make it public.

(2) Produce, make, wholesale, sell, publish and/or release this game, adapt its derivatives.

(3) Provide the game with services, such as the test, BUG and plug-in tracking summarization, advertorial compilation and promotion, competitive intelligence collection.

(4) Use the game’s name and trademark, etc.

(5) Implement other relevant game service conducts other than the above conducts and needing the developer's consent.

6.6 If the user violates this agreement or relevant regulations, then Flipped Technology shall be entitled to adopt one and more of the following measures:

(1)  The network connection between your current terminal and application server is immediately disconnected; You must log in again to continue using the application.

(2)  You are temporarily prohibited to use the current account to log in the network game.

(3)  The integral, grade and/or honor of your current account in the application are reduced or eliminated.

(4)  The advertising, false information or illegal comments released by You will be deleted permanently and irrevocably, or other measures are adopted to prevent their circulation.

(5)  Your illegally-obtained virtual currency, game props and/or game equipment and other game items will be deleted permanently or irrevocably, or will be returned to the other original users who have acquired their use right through the legal channels.

(6)  Your illegally-obtained integral, grade and/or honor will be canceled or reset permanently and irrevocably.

(7) All game props, game equipment, game currencies, integrals, grades, honors and other data and corresponding game data of your current account will be deleted permanently and irrevocably.

(8) The login application by right of your current account will be prohibited permanently and irrevocably and all data, game currencies, props, equipment and other data of the current generated in the application will be deleted and emptied.

(9) Other measures used other than the above measures.

Flipped Technology may continuously, discontinuously or alternately adopts one or more of the above measures.

Of the same user’s any accounts or roles violate this Agreement or other rules, Flipped Technology shall have the right to impose sanctions to all accounts and roles owned by this user, including but not limited to the suspension, termination and deletion of all accounts owned by this user.

Membership Subscription

7.1 Certain parts of the Service are accessible exclusively through paid Subscriptions. You will be charged in advance on a recurring and periodic basis (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, or annually) based on your chosen Subscription plan.

7.2 At the conclusion of each period, your Subscription will automatically renew under the same terms unless you decide to cancel it, or if Flipped Technology cancels it.

7.3 You have the option to cancel the renewal of your Subscription either via your Account settings or by contacting Flipped Technology. Please note that no refunds will be issued for fees already paid for the current Subscription period, and you will retain access to the Service until the end of your current Subscription period.

7.4 Flipped Technology may, at its discretion, offer a Subscription with a Free Trial for a limited duration. You may be asked to provide billing information to sign up for the Free Trial. If you provide your billing information during Free Trial sign-up, you will not be charged by Flipped Technology until the Free Trial period concludes. On the last day of the Free Trial, unless you cancel your Subscription, you will be automatically charged the relevant Subscription fees for the selected Subscription type.

If you provide your billing information during Free Trial sign-up, you will not be charged by Flipped Technology until the Free Trial period concludes. On the last day of the Free Trial, unless you cancel your Subscription, you will be automatically charged the relevant Subscription fees for the selected Subscription type.

Flipped Technology reserves the right, without prior notice, to (i) modify the terms and conditions of the Free Trial offer or (ii) cancel the Free Trial offer.

Software Download and Install

8.1  In using the Flipped Technology Game Service You may need to download and install the related software; You can directly obtain this software from the relevant website of Flipped Technology and can also obtain it from a third party authorized by the Flipped Technology.  If You do not obtain Flipped Technology from a third party authorized by Flipped Technology or obtain the same game as the name of Flipped Technology, it will be deemed that You fail to obtain an authorization from Flipped Technology.  In such circumstances, Flipped Technology cannot guarantee the game's normal use and will not bear any liability for your losses.

8.2   Flipped Technology may develop different software versions for different terminal devices or operating systems, including, but not limited to iOS, Android and other multiple application versions.  You should select and download the appropriate version for installation in accordance with the actual situation.  You need to follow the correct installation protocol according to the identified steps after the downloading and installation procedure.

8.3   If You do not need to use the software or need to install a new version, You can uninstall it by yourself.  If You are willing to help Flipped Technology to improve the product service, please inform the reason for the uninstall.

8.4   In order to guarantee the security of Flipped Technology service and the consistency of function, Flipped Technology shall be entitled to update the software, or change or limit part of functional effect of the software without special notice to you.

8.5   The old version of software may not be available after the new version of software is released, Flipped Technology will not guarantee that the old software version and/or corresponding customer service can be continuously used.  Please check and download the latest version at any time.